Skincare is something that I invest a lot of time in. Who doesn’t love to have clean and clear skin that gets you noticed? My normal skincare routine up until a few months ago just consisted of makeup remover, face wash, and moisturizer, but then I started to do more research on products to add to my skincare regiment.

A lot of articles that I was reading mentioned how gentle toner was at exfoliating the skin, but that most women did not use it. {That was evident when I went to the store to buy toner because most of the bottles had a layer of dust on top.} Because I have rather sensitive skin, I figured that this would be a perfect option for my skin, because it would smooth it out while avoiding damage! {Because really, who doesn’t want that!}

When choosing products for my skin, I love when I can find a product that works well but is also naturally based so that I can feel confident using it on my face. When looking at toners, I found that some of them had a strong scent to them which I was not a fan of at all. {Who would want to put that on their face?!} 

Finally, after a lot of time searching, and enough looks from my boyfriend that he wanted to leave, I found a toner that I wanted to try out. The toner I chose is Simple Soothing Facial Toner. I love that this product has no harsh chemicals or artificial perfumes or dyes! {You cannot beat that!}

I use this product twice a day by saturating a cotton pad, this kind, and gently swirling the pad around my face in an upward motion. Now that I have been using it consistently for about four months, I have found the size of my pores has reduced. I have so noticed that I am getting fewer breakouts around my nose as well as on my chin. I fully credit this to the toner for keeping my skin clear!

I would love to hear some feedback on toners that you have tried and loved or if you are going to give toner a chance!


Skincare Game Changer ~ Toner

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