Sunday essentials 

Hello there beauties! 

For me, Sunday is my absolute favorite day of the week because it is the only day that I do not feel bad about laying around and being lazy. {We all need days like that, am I right ladies? I know I do, especially now that it’s the inbetween winter and spring weather.} 

Honestly, most Sundays are days that I skip washing my hair. Since I have blonde hair, I tend to wash my hair every day, mainly because I feel that grease shows easily in my hair. {Sadly, I always feel like it looks greasy even if I put it up after skipping washing it.} 

When I was 18, I had just started my first job where I was making my own money. After my first paycheck I felt so proud having my own money and bought dry shampoo. {I felt so proud buying anything, even dry shampoo, with my hard earned money.} I remembering following the instructions and it always made my hair look worse. Eventually I swore off dry shampoo. Thank god though, I learned about Batiste dry shampoo! I am enthralled by the results! 

The product has a light, fresh scent that was just the perfect potency. {I take ballet and gymnastics classes, and this product works perfecting refreshing my hair after a dance class if I need to do anything afterwards.} 

This product also did not leave my hair with a white powdery or crisp texture. It also added a decent amount of volume to my hair! Overall, I love this product and would recommend this to anyone. I also love that the product is available with a tint added. I know that personally, I love the look that Brilliant blonde leaves on my hair. I am a natural blonde, so I feel that my hair becomes dull, especially when it is greasy, and this product counteracts it! 

*The Batiste dry shampoo comes in three tints: brilliant blonde, divine dark, and beautiful brunette. They also sell dry shampoo that does not include the tint. Those dry shampoos come in 12 scents: original, blush, refresh, cherry, wild, tropical, floral essence, neon lights, bare, and sweetie. I love that they offer such a great variety. There truly is a product available for everyone.*

Check out Ulta, click link here, to view some of the dry shampoos that Batiste offers. 

This product has increased my confidence in having more “skip days” when it comes to washing my hair! {Before learning about this product, I would always wear my hair up if I did not wash it that day. Now, I feel confident using this product the next day and wearing my hair down, which always makes me feel most confident.} 

~PRO TIP ~  Flip your head upside down so that your hair is directed towards the floor, and then take a bristle brush and move it in left and right motions. This will help to add more volume to your hair while also removing any remaining dry shampoo. {I found that I even skipped brushing my hair alone, that the extra tint and remaining dry shampoo would come off on my hands.} 



{If I were going anywhere, like school or work, I would style my hair with either a beach waver or a flat iron.}

Batiste now offers travel size canisters of their dry shampoo in 3 scents and 2 colors. This is a great opporthnity for anyone that does not want to pay for a large can of dry shampoo before knowing how it works for them. The travel size cans can be found here. 

Thank you for reading! Ladies, leave me a comment if you have any dry shampoos that I should try! 

Enjoy a lazy day. You deserve it! 


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