Skincare essentials

Hello there beautiful!

Coming up later today, I will be sharing with all of you my morning and evening skincare regiment! {Make sure to check it out! You ladies will love it!} Leading up to that post, I wanted to break down some of the products that I use in individual post! {Each product is AMAZING and I want to make sure you all understand their importance!}

In my previous blog post, I wrote about a product that many women seem to be skipping, toner. {If you would like to check out that blog, click here.} Toner is a product that has changed the texture and appearance of my skin and I am in love with it!

Now, we are going to discuss more in depth the two moisturizers that I use to keep my skin soft and smooth. {Who doesn’t want that!?} Ladies, there are a copious number of products available on the market, so it is a daunting task to visit Ulta or Sephora and try to find the right moisturizer for you. {Doing research and reading other customers reviews helps out so much!}

My skin gets rather dry on the T area, so I wanted to find a product that would counteract that. During winter, my skin especially gets dry because of the wind and snow. {Speaking of snow, we got more snow last night. When is spring again!?} I took about two weeks reading reviews online for different products so that I knew a general idea of how the products would work on my skin, based on other’s experiences with relatively similar skin.

~PRO TIP~ Visit Sephora and ask for a sample of a product that you think will work well for your skin. The sample that they give you will be free and it will help you not waste money on products that may not agree with your skin or cause a breakout. {And, who doesn’t love free thing!?}

I came across products from Philosophy and was blown away by the reviews that customers were posting about the products, and the prices were reasonable compared to others that I was looking at.

Finally, I felt confident going to the store and purchasing two products from Philosophy, Renewed Hope in A Jar Refreshing and Refining Moisturizer and Renewed Hope in A Jar Overnight Recharging and Refining Moisturizer.

The cream that I use in the morning under any makeup, has a normal consistency for lotion. It is not too thick or too thin. I love that it spreads evenly across my face and does not feel like I am wearing anything after it has been completely absorbed into my skin. I also love that this product does not clog my pores. I found with other facial moisturizers, i would breakout around my nose because of it clogging my pores.

The overnight cream is thicker in consistency. I love that it is a thicker product. Personally, I enjoy to put a thicker amount on my forehead and around any crows feet I may be getting. I have found that this has helped improve any appearance of fine lines or wrinkles that I have been starting to get. While I let the thicker areas of application sit, I will finish with my bedtime routine like brushing and flossing my teeth. After I have finished all of my other tasks, I will rub in the remaining cream. I truly believe that it is doing wonders for my skins.

Ladies, do you have any moisturizers that you love that I should give a try? Leave any suggestions in the comments!


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