Who doesn’t love feeling pulled together and beautiful? I feel like most days, because of being a single mom in college, I do not have the time to put towards myself. Most days I feel like I have to rush around getting my daughter ready that I don’t put much attention to myself. {Thank god for being able to wear hoodies to class!} 

Whenever I am able to get dressed up, I instantly feel good about myself. I feel like I can take in anything that like throws at me. {I live by the philosophy, ‘look good; feel good.}

Today, I decided I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and wear a body suit and floppy hat. I own a few floppy hats, but always talk myself out of wearing them. Today I was feeling confident though. I absolutely love body suits, but always feel like they look weird on me. 

I also threw on a pair of strappy black high heel sandals instead of my signature white converse sneakers. I finished off my outfit with my favorite bag, Louis Vuitton speedy 35. {This bag is classic and goes with everything!} 

How are you ladies rocking spring fashion? I would love some fashion ideas for this season. Leave me some ideas in the comments.


Saturday style 

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